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  1. Ico, sei que você não deve ter tempo para responder perguntas durante o final de semana, mas qualquer coisa fica para depois:Ontem na transmissão do treino, o comentarista disse que caso os difusores da Brawn sejam considerados ilegais, não haverá punição, apenas proibição do seu uso nas próximas corridas, ou seja o resultado das corridas da Austrália e Malásia não ficarão sob judice. Essa informação procede?

  2. There is an illegal alien in the WH as we speak. Unless millions take it upon themselves to march on Washington to arrest all involved, nothing is going to change. If we don't march, there will be an illegal alien on all the ballots in every state. Since the election itself then becomes a fraud, the illegal alien will be handed a "win", even if anyone and everyone votes against him.

  3. 5:13 PMsorry, i’m not wrong. wrote an entire paper on it.tell me where you work and i’ll pop a copy round.half of the insults you’re accusing me of i’m sure were written by other people.i must get one of those google id’s to stop the confusion.

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